Semantic Agent Platform

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In recent years we have seen an explosion in the development and availability of digital devices of all sorts: personal computers, palm devices, wearable computers, digital tags, portable phones, and smart toys. Yet there has been no corresponding explosion in the development and availability of the software that will give these devices the ability to understand their real-world context. These things have no common sense.

The Semantic Agent Platform aims to create an agent framework that will allow users to communicate with  intelligent communicative software agents through the use of natural language (English so far).  User-to-Agent Natural Language Communication is provided based on UNL standards through the use of an enconverter/deconverter based on Thought Treasure Natural Language Processing Tool.   Agent-to-agent communication is implemented using technologies provided by FIPA-OS  (which implements FIPA   standards).

The Semantic Agent Application Server (SAAS) is able to process symbolic knowledge through the use of extended semantic networks that are able to store concepts, relations and information about actions. Actions are aggregated to the system through the use of software components such as Javabeans.  SAAS Knowledge Base (SAAS-KB) is stored on a Ozone OODB, which allows to import different ontology formats. Talk Agents default ontology (derived from Thought Treasure) includes about 20.000 concepts and 30.000 relations, which help the easy development of new context aware applications.

The resulting paltform will allow developers to create intelligent agents by simply adding new knowledge and behaviors (software components) to the system. The Talk Agent Platform will also bring many benefits to the users by allowing them to interact with software agents in a simple and intuitive way.

Copyright 2000-2003 - Carlos Estombelo, Dilvan Moreira and Percival Lucena. SAAS and SAAS-IDE are distributed under LGPL
SAAS includes third party software covered by their own license terms.